Creating tasty, whole food based, real nutrition products that meet TODAY'S unique health and wellness goals is what Zuun does. As a family faced with the challenges of living with diabetes, we know the positive impact healthy nutrition has on the unique challenges people face.

During my wife's second pregnancy she developed gestational diabetes, and this set us on a frenzied pursuit to find a convenient nutritional drink that met her new nutritional considerations.  We soon realized that there was no suitable “nutritional” shakes to be found.  Only two undesirable options were available; one option was full of preservatives, fillers, and chemicals (no thanks), while the other option was empty on the nutritional requirements (lacking in crucial carbohydrate energy) to be a worry-free complete meal for a person living with diabetes.

The struggle with carb counting and meal planning continued but with extensive research, sound Dietitian advise and “in-the-kitchen” blending we were making our own “power shakes”. 

It then became our mission to develop a healthy, nutritious, and tasty drink that anyone with diabetes or pre-diabetes can confidently enjoy. So we teamed up with some really smart food and nutritional science people, and our power shakes were perfected into the Whole Food Meal Replacement.  Our product has no preservatives or artificial ingredients.  Our product is packed with slow and steady releasing complex carbohydrates, has a complete protein blend, and contains high fiber.  

As the name suggests, our Whole Food Meal Replacement does not cut any corners for your health.  We use high quality whole food ingredients and it is a complete meal replacement, so you have the right amount of nutrition to keep you energized and happy.

Zuun Nutrition is a small scale company and we are currently solely focused on our Whole Food Meal Replacement for people living with diabetes.  Our goal is to provide the best nutrition and the best energy for you, so you can focus on your successes in life.


Shane, Co-Founder at The Zuun Team 

Funding for this project has been provided by the Governments of Canada and British Columbia through Growing Forward 2, a federal-provincial-territorial initiative. The program is delivered by the Investment Agriculture Foundation of BC.