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Our vision at Zuun Nutrition, is to enhance people’s lives by designing excellent nutritional products to meet today’s health and wellness goals.  

Zuun Nutrition is the result of a unique set of circumstances faced by company co-founder Shane Kullar not long ago. During their second pregnancy, Shane learned that his wife had developed gestational diabetes- a condition which would require specific nutritional considerations to manage. After a mad scramble to figure out meal plans for his pregnant wife (who was, herself, busy with work, a 3 year old daughter, and daily exercise), Shane realized that there wasn't a suitable meal replacement to be found anywhere on the market that would effectively address his wife’s unique needs. 

None of the available meal replacement shakes provided the needed nourishment for a person living with diabetes. In particular, none of the available brands provided enough complex carbohydrates, which meant his wife would experience hypoglycaemic issues (low blood sugars).  This meant Shane had to constantly be adding ingredients to the shakes to compensate. Before long, Shane had begun to concoct recipes of his own for “Wifey’s Power Shakes”.  He quickly found that whey and vegetable proteins combined were a must.  Also crucial were carbs, but they needed to be complex and digest at a healthy even pace.  The shakes worked best when they were high fiber.  Antioxidant rich berries, and some “superfoods” were added to the shakes for good health.     

After teaming up with some really smart food and nutritional science people those “wifey’s power shakes” have been perfected as Zuun Nutrition’s Whole Food Meal Replacement.  Zuun offers a convenient shake, made from whole foods, designed to be ideal for a person with diabetes or pre-diabetes. We at Zuun are extremely excited to bring this product to our customers!  Zuun Nutrition is a small scale company that is solely focused on our Whole Food Meal Replacement for people living with diabetes.

We want this all-in-one substitute for a healthy meal to help liberate people with diabetes. Our meal replacement is ideally suited to give you all the nutrition and energy you need to thrive and be successful in your own lives. Best of all, the glycemic index is low while maintaining an optimal glycemic response. That means steady energy with no blood sugar spikes or dips.

Both traditional foods around the world and current science have revealed several truths about what is a healthy meal. Meals must be balanced in regards to healthy fats, proteins, fiber and carbohydrates. The nourishment that is provided by a meal is used to support all your body systems and functions. Therefore, to provide energy for 
stronger, more active lives, food must provide your body with the best nourishment possible.  We believe food should be inspiring, tasty, stress free, safe, and free from any harmful fillers and preservatives.   For people with diabetes,  we want our meal replacement to be yummy and motivating as well as a “no brainer” when it comes to convenience and reliability.  This meal replacement can support optimal blood sugars while still providing steady and strong energy for an active and engaged person.