What is a Certified Meal Replacement?

A certified meal replacement is specially designed to provide your body with the equivalent nutritional value of a full meal. By adjusting the amount, It can also be enjoyed as a nutrient-rich snack. Zuun Nutrition contains an array of macronutrients (including proteins, healthy fats, complex carbohydrates and dietary finer) and micronutrients (such as vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and antioxidants) that play essential roles in your body’s health. Also noteworthy, Zuun Nutrition provides your body with optimal caloric energy to reach its maximum potential.


How many times per day can I use this as a meal replacement?

We recommend that Zuun Nutrition Whole Food Meal Replacement be used as a part of a well-balanced, healthy meal plan.  We recommend that the meal replacement be consumed 1-2 times daily as a light meal or snack. 


Will this meal replacement help me lose weight?

Zuun Nutrition meal replacement is calorie light and nutrition dense. Combined with exercise and a healthy meal plan (as recommended by a dietitian) it can help you lose weight. As such, this is an ideal product for individuals with pre-diabetes, or Type 2 diabetes. 


I am insulin dependent, how much insulin should I take for this meal replacement?

Zuun Nutrition provides the precise amounts of carbohydrates contained in a meal-sized serving. As such, the insulin amount you require can be more easily calculated. The carbohydrate load is approximately equal to one piece of fruit and one serving of vegetables.   We do recommend, if you are new to carb-counting, or the “diabetic diet”, that you consult your dietitian- make sure to bring them the nutritional facts sheet!


Can I customize my own smoothie using Zuun’s Whole Food Meal Replacement?

You can absolutely add to and customize your Zuun Nutrition recipe- try adding berries, greek yogurt, leafy greens, etc. Our product mixes fantastically with other ingredients. Keep in mind though, adding ingredients will change the caloric content of the shake.


Can I take this meal replacement when I am pregnant?

Zuun Nutrition contains whole food nutrition and is a well-balanced meal that your body needs during pregnancy. However, we suggest you consult your dietitian or medical doctor to ensure you are meeting your calorie requirements. 


The instructions indicate to mix with water but I wonder if I can use milk or almond milk/non-dairy beverage?

Yes.  Keep in mind the nutritional facts sheet on the label will reflect using water alone.


Is your product nut-free?

Zuun Nutrition is not guaranteed nut free, as the facility it is manufactured in is not a certified nut free facility. The facility adheres to strict Good Manufacturing Procedure (GMP) in an effort to minimize cross-contamination, but, again, is not certified nut-free.  


You claim your product is diabetic aware and that it is ideal for the diabetic diet, yet you have sugars. Please explain?

Zuun Nutrition’s complex carbohydrate blend contains several carbohydrates such as fruits (apple, blueberry, etc), vegetables (carrot, sweet potato, etc), unrefined coconut sugar, and dietary fiber.  The complex carbohydrate blend is crucial to provide fuel for both people’s with and without diabetes concerns. Carbohydrates are a vital nutrient and the human body’s preferred fuel source.  Carbohydrates play a significant role in helping to manage the symptoms of diabetes.

The coconut sugar is simply a boiled and dehydrated sap from a coconut palm tree.  It tastes great and has the lowest glycemic index of all sugar sources.  That means it is an excellent source of energy that doesn’t overload your system, allowing you to have a steady blood sugar effect. 

The amount of sugars in our product is equal to two servings of fruit.  Keep in mind each serving of our meal replacement is balanced with high dietary fiber, high amounts of proteins, healthy fats and several vitamins and minerals. 


What is glycemic index?

Glycemic Index is a reflection of what a food does to your blood sugars.  In general, people should seek out low glycemic index foods in order to ensure a gradual and ideal rise and fall in blood sugar.  Zuun’s Whole Food Meal Replacement is formulated using low glycemic index ingredients. 


What is glycemic management?

Glycemic Management is the dietary technique of consuming foods with a low glycemic index, eating complex carbohydrates (as opposed to simple sugars), eat foods high in dietary fiber, and maintaining an active lifestyle.  It is the cornerstone of Zuun Nutrition’s philosophy, and an essential practice for people with diabetes or other blood sugar disorders. 


What is optimal glycemic response?

Optimal Glycemic Response refers to the effect Zuun Nutrition has in our body.  Zuun’s complex-carbohydrate blend is absorbed at more biologically ideal rate. This provides the benefit of carbohydrate-energy, without fears of sudden spikes or irregularities in blood sugar levels. 

The complex Carbohydrate blend effectively behaves like a time release vitamin or pill.   

For more information, check out our page on Optimal Glycemic Response.