Zuun’s Whole Food Meal Replacement is best paired with a well-balanced diet which includes a variety of protein sources, complex carbohydrates, healthy omega-rich fats, high fiber sources, and foods rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

We encourage all our customers to consult with their preferred health-care professional before use of this product.  

Zuun Nutrition’s Whole Food Meal Replacement has a low glycemic index, optimal glycemic response in the body, and meets the nutritional requirements to be considered a complete meal replacement. Our product is a convenient and worry-free addition to the diabetic meal plan.  

Paired with exercise, stress management, appropriate medical consultation and a well-balanced diet, our Whole Food Meal Replacement offers an effective solution to blood glucose issues.  

Insulin dependent individuals – 
Zuun Nutrition provides your body with a full meal’s worth of nutrients. This means your body will require insulin in approximately the same amounts it typically does for other balanced meals you enjoy.  With a complex carbohydrate-to-protein ratio near 1:1 and an always consistent amount of carbohydrate energy, the Whole Food Meal Replacement will have a similar effect on you each time you eat it. As such, when determining one’s insulin requirements with Zuun Nutrition, the learning curve is small. Simplicity has never tasted so good!

Prediabetics and non-insulin dependent –

Zuun Nutrition has an optimal glycemic response in the human body. It provides rich nutrition and steady carbohydrate energy without hyperglycemic or hypoglycemic effects on blood sugar levels. The carbohydrates are digested slowly and steadily, allowing for an optimal glycemic response. Zuun’s protein-to-complex carbohydrate ratio is near 1:1. Enjoy and live fully!

For Your Life’s Health and Wellness Goals:

Breakfast – Start the day off right by enjoying a nutrient-dense meal that will help your body  reach its peak performance.

On-The-Go Meal or Snack Time – For people living with diabetes, skipping or delaying meals can mean big trouble. Zuun is an easy way to get the nutrition your body needs without having to disrupt your busy schedule. You don’t have to plan ahead, count carbs , or weigh your protein amounts. Mix up your Zuun Whole Food Meal Replacement and enjoy a tasty worry-free shake on the go!

A great solution to unhealthy food choices – Being hungry and busy often leads to poor dietary choices. Our solution is to add Zuun’s Whole Food Meal Replacement to your daily meal schedule. Imagine having a tasty and healthy choice easily on hand. Full of antioxidants, complex carbs, readily usable proteins and vital nutrients, Zuun Nutrition will help you to avoid blood sugar issues by helping you stay away from empty-calorie snacks and processed fast foods.

For Weight Management
 – For people living with diabetes, achieving a healthy weight is an important goal. Doctors, Dieticians and Diabetes Researchers all agree that a healthy weight loss program can do wonders in the management of Type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes. 

Zuun’s meal replacement is calorie light but nutrition dense. Enjoying Zuun’s Whole Food Meal Replacement to get the stuff your body needs can be an important step in your weight management program.

For Athletic Performance  Exercise has significant benefits for people living with diabetes or pre-diabetes. Zuun Nutrition provides the proteins and carbohydrate energy needed for  your  active lifestyle.

Most healthy-option shakes don’t provide sufficient carbohydrate energy for athletic activity, but at Zuun Nutrition we’ve ensured our shake will provide you with all the food energy your body needs. We want to support you in all your active lifestyle goals.

Protein Boost – Proteins help your body to build muscle, support the immune system, make enzymes for digestion, and are integral in several other areas of human health. Zuun Nutrition incorporates a unique protein blend in our Whole Food Meal Replacement by combining whey proteins and vegetable proteins. Dietary science has long advocated for the inclusion of whey and, more recently, vegetable proteins in the human diet. Mixing both protein sources together provides the body with an even greater spectrum of amino acids.